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Ensuring your business reflects your branding persona is all about how you present yourself – aesthetically, that is. At Apex Window Werks, we understand the need for adding value to your commercial property by ensuring the correct installation of commercial glass for your specific company needs. Whether you’re in need of simple office door repairs or intricate window glass replacements, we’re ready to offer quality sound advice and quality services to suit your business budget.

Reasons Why You May Need Window Repair or Replacement Services

There are several reasons why you may feel the need to repair or replace commercial glass doors or windows – some of which you may not even know is causing you problems. Our team of experts are able to evaluate your business premise accurately to ensure you’re getting the most out of your property. Reasons to consider glass repairs or replacements may include:
– Lowering your energy bills
Fogging and damage can occur when moisture gets trapped in between the window panes, causing the glass to become increasingly difficult to see through, not to mention the added costs of using more artificial lighting in the office building. This, along with possible leaks between the glass and the window frame, can cause your energy bill to spike. If you feel a slight draft or you’re experiencing fogging, it may be a good time to consider a replacement.

– Maintaining employee comforts
Depending on the elevation levels of your office building, getting fresh air into the office space is often needed to improve employee morale. However, if you’re stuck with outdated windows unable to open, you could be facing a problem. Casement windows are an effective option for allowing employees the option to let in some fresh air and improve the overall aesthetics of the building.

– Improving building aesthetics
You may be stuck with old, outdated windows giving your business a bad reputation – aesthetically speaking. In which case, you would need to look at more modern options for glass repairs or replacements. Remember, new customers will automatically judge the quality of your services according to the exterior look and feel of your business.

– Increasing security efforts
Protecting your valuable assets is a top priority when maintaining a successful business. You may be experiencing a crack in one of your windows or obvious signs of damage, in which you would need to replace the glass as soon as possible. Glass tinting options and various glass designs are also available.

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• Fogged window repair
• Window glass replacement
• Wood window/door repair & replacement

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