Foggy Windows Repair Services

Have you often been troubled by excessive moisture trapped between the glass panes of your residential or commercial building? Have you opted for expensive replacement jobs to get rid of the window moisture problem? Well, not anymore.
Apex Window Werks can fix the foggy window issue right away at a fraction of the cost required for replacing the entire unit. Our top notch and experienced servicemen ensure that all customers receive a professional, affordable and convenient service for their foggy windows. It’s not just guaranteed to save you money, but also restore your window back to its original form.
You can go about hunting the perfect location for your house but it will mean nothing if you are unable to enjoy the outside views due to foggy windows.
We have mastered the process by which we can quickly get rid of moisture from the thermal pane windows. The proven process also helps recover the very critical insulating R-Value.

Why Go with Our Process?

For starters, we have been in the window repair/replacement business since 2008 and are experts in the domain. We have a fast and proven process in place for foggy windows repair that allows our clients to save money. Here are some advantages of hiring Apex Window Werks for your foggy windows repair jobs.

– Our process protects your windows against further damage.

– It keeps the beauty and aesthetics of the doors and windows intact.

– Energy efficient technology ensures you save money.

– Our proven process eliminates the need to carry out expensive foggy windows replacement jobs.

– Our process is fast and effective.

– We offer a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

How Does the Damage Occur?

There is a lot more to insulated glass unit (IGU) than we commonly believe. The ruptured seal, that is popularly known to bring in the moisture, is only a small part of the problem. It is temperature that takes the maximum toll on the health of your glass units. The stress caused by the blazing heat of the sun is actually the most destructive factor.
Fluctuation in the temperature and pressure exert stress on the glass and its seals. A sudden rise or decline in temperature, followed by change in pressure has an adverse effect on the smooth functioning on your glass units. Thus making it more prone to damage and destruction.

The Damaging Moisture

Moisture circulation in a sealed unit is natural, constant and unavoidable. In the beginning of the failure of the glass unit, it’s only some mist that appears and disappears through the evaporation cycle.
Once the moisture starts settling further down, it gets permanent and progressive. Subsequently, it leaves deposits that shred the insulating properties of the window unit. With the help of our proprietary and precision tools, our experienced servicemen completely re-engineer your window to get rid of moisture on its own. Our proven and mastered process comprises installation of Defogger TM valve and seal. The moisture from the glass unit is thus essay writer removed with the help of the activated valve. In short, moisture is quickly eliminated from the glass unit gets passed into the outer environment rather than remaining stagnant. Thus moisture is no longer collected into the chamber, and the dry air insulating property remains intact, without any mess, waste or inconvenience.