We Fix Broken Patio Sliding Doors & Replace Glass

For over a decade, Apex Window Werks have been servicing the Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin localities with high-quality window and door repair and eliminating problems with old and worn glass sliding patio doors.

Sliding Door Repair or Replacement

There are a number of issues that patio doors may present over time, from sticking doors, to damaged door frames or screens. Although not every company offers repair services, choosing to repair these issues, rather than replacing the entire door, has many advantages. Most obviously, repairing sliding doors is a much more cost-effective solution than replacing them as replacing doors is a process that may involve additional damage or structural changes that may increase expenses whereas repairing them will restore the doors and keep them fully functional for years to come.

Sliding Patio Door Repair

Need a Quick Fix? Apex Glass Repair and Installation

The experienced and qualified Apex Window Werks team have worked tirelessly to maintain a certain level of professionalism and use only the best methods and modern technology available to provide quality workmanship, earning them an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our company  features prominently on trusted review site Angie’s List.

Track and Glass Repair

Our specialists will make your sliding door function and look brand new again. Whether you are having trouble with your changing your rollers, need to know how to fix your exterior and interior door issues, or have moisture trapped between the panes causing foggy glass, we have a quality, affordable and speedy solution for you.

Our experienced teams are fully equipped to fix most broken or damaged sliding doors and if we do not have the part(s) we need in our extensive stores we will source it for you. Some of our service packages include roller replacement, panel and lock alignment and general maintenance tasks.

Sliding Door Glass Replacement

Is there damage to the bottom track of your doors? Here are our options:

  • Track repair: Are you noticing waives, divots, or dents in your track bead? This is caused by worn out rollers and the fix for this involves installing a cap over the damaged bead and filling in the divots which creates a smooth dent resistant surface.
  • Track Replacement: if the above isn’t an option due to severe damage
    • Remove the old track: remove the panels from the opening, loosen and pull the side jambs from the wall.
    • Then: apply a waterproofing adhesive, fasten down the new track, reattach removed parts, caulk inside and out and replace the rollers.

Other Services

  • Quick, easy and cost affordable Sliding Door Repair
  • Wooden door Track Replacement & Repairs
  • Rollers, Locks, Handles and Tracks restoration and installation

Door Experts Near Me:

Allow us to handle the restoration of your sliding patio doors (and/or related services) with care and meticulous precision. For the best window or door specialists around, give Apex Window Werks a call or request a free quote via our Contact Us form.