Home Glass Repair in Chicago IL

Apex Window Werks an established and experienced  Orland Park  based window works company that specializes in glass replacement and window/door repairs. The company services all of Chicago, with expansion plans to cater to neighboring states very soon. With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we can guarantee top quality repair/replacement solutions carried out in a timely manner. Whether it is glass replacement, window repair, or a simple door repair job, we are equipped to offer the highest quality at very affordable prices. We cater to both – the residential and commercial market.

Apex Window Werks’ glass replacement service portfolio includes everything from insulated glass units to single-pane units to custom shaped glass to skylights and sunny rooms.

Insulated Glass Units

Apex Window Werks focuses on providing the best insulated glass units that are hermetically preserved space crammed with Argon gas amid glass panes to offer high quality insulation and boost energy efficiency. Our top grade insulated glass units are created of annealed or tempered glass with optimal performance coatings to comply with all glass regulations in commercial and residential structures. We are well equipped to take on projects that need glass of any given size, and shape.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a specialty glass, created to decrease the chance of damage if broken. It is advisable in a space where the glass is more prone to breakage leading  to injury. Tempered glass comes in two varieties – Laminated (where two pieces of glass are affixed to each other with a vinyl layer that keeps the glass fragments from spurting when it breaks) and Tempered (glass that is first heated and cooled rapidly, making the glass stronger than usual. The broken glass results in less harmful and more granular pieces.

Single-pane Units

Apex Window Werks offers complete replacement service of single-pane window units. We also offer the full spectrum of window re-glazing services.

Custom Shaped Glass Replacement Service

Apex Window Werks also offers a full range of custom shaped glass replacement service for any desired shape and size. Custom shaped window glasses look elegant, attractive, and eye-catching. They change the entire character of the space they are fitted in. Custom sized glass replacement jobs are best left to experts who can ensure that they are carried out in a precise, neat and timely manner. Our experts will make an exact sketch of the glass unit shape to ensure that the brand new unit will fit perfectly within the window frame. All the necessary insulation parameters are also followed.

We offer top quality insulated and single pane glass components in clear, tinted, and low thermal emissivity glass.

Window Glass Replacement Process